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October 23, 2006

Posted at 9:54 PM

An article from orisun today reported about some confirmed news of the Anniversary show on November 19th.

First of, the confirmed hosts and hostesses (MCs) for that night are as follows:
Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Dodo(Carol) Chang, Liza Wang, Amigo Chui and Anna Yau.

*Lydia Shum will be absent from her usual role this year due to her illness.

Next, several performing and entertaining parts for the night are confirmed. Here they are:

A special edition of "Beautiful Cooking" will be held live in the show. This time, the contestants are all "Ah Jie(s)"(Big Sisters), including Liza Wang, Dodo(Carol) Chang, and Nancy Sit. They will be cooking all kinds of expansive food, such as abalone and shark fin.

With the releases of the two albums "All About Men" and "Lady in Red" in the past two years, the singers from both albums will finally have a chance to come together and perform. On the night of the anniversary, the "Men" and the "Women" will be "competing" with each other.

During one part, Actors and Actresses will have to pretend as "wax statues", and be "criticized" and "picked on" by the hosts and hostesses about their rumors and news.

Original Chinese Article:

My thoughts:
So sad to see Fei Jie (Lydia Shum) to be absent from her usual hostess role, and also most likely absent from the entire show as well. Just so used to seeing her every year at the Anniversary...hope that she will get well soon! As for the performing and entertaining parts, I am especially looking forward to the "All About Men" VS "Lady in Red". Must be really fun! =)

PS: So happy to see TVB Cafe reaches 10000 hits today! Don't have much plan to celebrate, but still, I am happy! Thanks for the support to those who are reading my posts...=)


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October 22, 2006

Posted at 5:28 PM

One of this year’s anniversary series “To Grow with Love” (aka Lush Fields Happy Times or Fei Tin Hei See) will be aired starting tomorrow October 23rd in Hong Kong. After many promotions, this series will finally be brought to the center stage.

The official series site is up at The layout is extremely cute and I think the webpage design team did a great job! Check it out at here:

Myolie Wu as Ho Mei Tin
Andy Hui as Dai Hei
Clarie Yiu as Song Man Yi
Selena Li as Kwok Bo Lok
Jack Wu as Lam Guan Hei
Gigi Wong as Yeung Sau Lan
Eddie Kwan as Chiang Yat Ming
Chun Wong as Ho Lim Heung
Cheung Chi Kwong as Dai Fu (Albert)
Natalie Wong as Lau Ka Man
Matthew Ko as Chiang Man Chun (Joe)

Anyone excited about this series? I am! but it's going to take me a long while before I can watch it...nevertheless, I will be keeping a close eye to the ratings of this series as it will provide a big indication to the Anniversary Awards results.

Updates for a previous item...
I've been reading all over the place about Gold Label singers change of plan and will be attending the "All Singers Celebrate Anniversary" in order to increase their chances on winning music awards at the end of the year...let's see how this plays out...

Another new layout for TVB Cafe
haha...another new's for celebrating TVB 39th Anniversary! hope that it looks alright...=)

My Predictions and Picks for Anniversary Awards will be posted up soon...


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October 15, 2006

Posted at 10:55 PM

According to TVBSquare Forum News Flash, the current online voting results are as the following:

Temporarily Date: 13/10/2006 - 20.00 (News From TVB)

TVB Best Actor Awards (Top 3)
1. Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow - 62 Votes
2. Raymond Lam - La Femme Desperado - 57 Votes
3. Bobby Au Yeung - Forensic Heroes - 35 Votes

TVB Best Actress (Top 3)
1. Charmaine Sheh - Maiden's Vow - 138 Votes
2. Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado - 103 Votes
3. Ada Choi - The Dance Of Passion - 12 Votes

Best Series Awards
La Femme Desperado - 130 Votes

TVB Best Supporting Actor Awards
Johnson Lee - Welcome To The House - 57 Votes

TVB Best Supporting Actress Awards
Natalie Tong - Under The Canopy Of Love - 77 Votes

TVB Most Favorites Character For Actor Awards
Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow - 73 Votes

TVB Most Favorites Character For Actress Awards
Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado - 106 Votes

TVB Most Improved Actor Awards
Michael Tse - La Femme Desperado - 87 Votes

TVB Most Improved Actress Awards
Tavia Yeung - Land Of Wealth - 78 Votes

Best Host Awards
Sam Mei - 15/16 - 86 Votes

Best Variety Show Awards
Beautiful Cooking - 169 Votes

Most Creative Programme Awards
Beautiful Cooking - 141 Votes

Best Out Source Programme Awards
Queen Of The Classroom - 162 Votes

Best Promotion Clip Awards
Lush Fields Happy Times - 61 Votes

NOTE: Myolie is lagging behind Ada at 11 votes for "Best Actress"...

My Comments:
So far so good for me, although kind of hoping to see Myolie's chance increases as "Lush Fields Happy Times" gets on air soon...

Besides, Dodo Cheng and her boyfriend David Lui (Lui Fong) are confirmed to be the leading captains for the Female and Male teams respectively at the "All Singers Celebrating TVB Anniversary" to be taken place on November 4th. Fun and drama are guaranteed on the show! =)

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October 11, 2006

Posted at 11:59 AM

The Online Ballot is right here:
Remember to vote if you are eligible!

And here is the entire list of the nominations with English and Chinese side-by-side...(sorry if there's any typo...) And scroll all the way down if you want to read my critiques on the nomination list! ^_^

最佳男主角 (Best Actor Award)

01. 隨時候命 鄭伊健 - 高可風 (Mattew) -------- Always Ready – Ekin Cheng as Mattew Ko
02. 天幕下的戀人 鄭嘉穎 - 沈朗 (Alan) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Kevin Cheng as Sum Long (Alan)
03. 天幕下的戀人 黃宗澤 - 權力 (Nick) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Bosco Wong as Nick Qun
04. 鐵血保鏢 馬浚偉 - 尚智 (四掌櫃) -------- Safe Guards – Steven Ma as Sheung Chi
05. 潮爆大狀 鄭少秋 - 蔣文滔 (Tony)-------- Bar Benders – Adam Cheng as Cheung Man Tao (Tony)
06. 高朋滿座 鍾景輝 - 高慶 (事頭) -------- Welcome to the House – Chung King Fai as Ko Hing
07. 女人唔易做 林峯 - 齊寬 -------- La Femme Desperado – Raymond Lam as Chei Foon
08. 女人唔易做 謝天華 - 文景良 (Man) -------- La Femme Desperado – Michael Tse as Man King Leung
09. 火舞黃沙 林保怡 - 閻萬曦 (閻老闆) -------- Dance of Passion – Bowie Lam as Yim Man Hei
10. 火舞黃沙 陳豪 - 宋東昇 -------- Dance of Passion – Moses Chan as Song Dong Sing
11. 男人之苦 劉松仁 - 康天任 -------- Men In Pain – Damian Lau as Hong Tin Yam
12. 男人之苦 吳卓羲 - 康世熙 (康熙) -------- Men In Pain – Ron Ng as Hong Sai Hei
13. 法證先鋒 歐陽震華 - 高彥博 (Tim Sir) --------Forensic Heroes – Bobby AuYeung as Ko Yin Bok (Tim Sir)
14. 法證先鋒 林文龍 - 古澤琛 (Sam) -------- Forensic Heroes – Frankie Lam as Koo Chak Sum (Sam)
15. 愛情全保 陳錦鴻 - 郭富強 (Ken) -------- Love Guaranteed – Sunny Chan as Kwok Fu Keung (Ken)
16. 愛情全保 馬國明 - 郭富勤 (Tim) -------- Love Guaranteed – Kenneth Ma as Kwok Fu Ken (Tim)
17. 刑事情報科 王喜 - 鍾正 (Mark) -------- CIB Files – Wong He as Chung Cheng (Mark)
18. 鳳凰四重奏 馬德鐘 - 余賜、李吉祥、戴立仁、方家安 -------- Maiden’s Vow – Joe Ma as Yu Chi, Li Gut Cheung, Dai Lap Yen, Fong Ka On
19. 樓住有情人 吳啟華 - 鍾志良 -------- At Home with Love – Lawrence Ng as Chung Ka Leung
20. 肥田囍事 許志安 - 戴囍 -------- Lush Fields Happy Days – Andy Hui as Dai Hei

最佳女主角 (Best Actress Award)

01. 識法代言人 汪明荃 - 孫敏儀(孫狀) -------- When Rules Turn Loose – Lisa Wang as Suen Man Yee
02. 施公奇案 郭可盈 - 米香蓉 -------- A Pillowcase of Mystery – Kenix Kwok as Mei Heung Yong
03. 天幕下的戀人 周麗淇 - 高逸詩(Fiona) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Niki Chow as Ko Yet Si (Fiona)
04. 人生馬戲團 楊思琦 - 席可兒(Joey) -------- The Biter Bitten – Shirley Yeung as Jet Ho Yee
05. 女人唔易做 鄧萃雯 - 海翹(Hilda) -------- La Femme Desperado – Sheren Tang as Hoi Gui (Hilda)
06. 火舞黃沙 蔡少芬 - 焦玉(宋當家) -------- Dance of Passion – Chui Yuk
07. 火舞黃沙 佘詩曼 - 家春分 -------- Dance of Passion – Charmaine Sheh as Ka Chun Fun
08. 火舞黃沙 黎姿 - 計明鳳 -------- Dance of Passion – Gigi Lai as Gai Ming Fung
09. 飛短留長父子兵 陳松伶 - 彭澄 -------- Trimming Success – Nnadia Chan as Pang Ching
10. 男人之苦 蘇玉華 - 黃德蕎 -------- Men in Pain – Louisa So as Wong Tak Qu
11. 男人之苦 梁靖琪 - 高芬 -------- Men in Pain – Toby Leung as Ko Fun
12. 法證先鋒 蒙嘉慧 - 梁小柔 -------- Forensic Heroes – Yoyo Mung as Leung Siu Yau
13. 法證先鋒 鍾嘉欣 - 林汀汀 -------- Forensic Heroes – Linda Chung as Lam Ding Ding
14. 愛情全保 吳美珩 - 谷若晞(Hazel) -------- Love Guaranteed – Melissa Ng as Kaot Yet Hei (Hazel)
15. 刑事情報科 伍詠薇 - 程美麗(Emily) -------- CIB Files – Christine Ng as Ching Mei Lai (Emily)
16. 刑事情報科 邵美琪 - 許心言(Samantha) -------- CIB Files – Maggie Siu as Hui Sum Yin (Samantha)
17. 鳳凰四重奏 佘詩曼 - 魏瑜鳳、汪子君、白慧珍、戴思嘉 -------- Maiden’s Vow – Charmaine Sheh as Ngai Yu Fung, Wang Ci Guan, Bak Wei Jen, Dai See Ka
18. 滙通天下 郭羡妮 - 巴巴哈兒高娃 -------- Land of Wealth – Sonijia Kwok as Ba Ba Ha Yi Ko Wa
19. 滙通天下 楊怡 - 喬蓁 -------- Land of Wealth – Tavia Yeung as Qu Chun
20. 肥田囍事 胡杏兒 - 何美田 -------- Lush Fields Happy Days – Myolie Wu as Ho Mei Tin

最佳男配角 (Best Supporting Actor)

01. 天幕下的戀人 夏雨 - 高柏輝 (David) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Ha Yu as Ko Pak Fai (David)
02. 鐵血保鏢 黎耀祥 - 尚忠(二掌櫃) -------- Safe Guard – Wayne Lai as Sheung Chong
03. 鐵血保鏢 郭峰 - 尚正堂(大掌櫃) -------- Safe Guard – Kwok Fung as Sheung Cheng Tong
04. 鐵血保鏢 劉江 - 尚正鵬 -------- Safe Guard – Lau Kong as Sheung Cheng Peng
05. 鐵血保鏢 蔣志光 - 尚正文 -------- Safe Guard – Cheung Chi Kwong as Sheung Cheng Man
06. 潮爆大狀 陳國邦 - 李廣德 -------- Bar Benders – Power Chan as Lee Guang Tak
07. 高朋滿座 李思捷 - 章溢滿(溢、阿咩) -------- Welcome to the House – Johnson Lee as Cheung Yik Muun
08. 女人唔易做 馬國明 - 高志力 -------- La Femme Desperado – Kenneth Ma as Ko Chi Lik
09. 女人唔易做 李家聲 - 高志能 -------- La Femme Desperado – Lee Ka Shing as Ko Chi Leng
10. 女人唔易做 梁家仁 - 高榮添 -------- La Femme Desperado – Leung Ka Yan as Ko Wing Tim
11. 火舞黃沙 鍾景輝 - 閻國業 -------- Dance of Passion – Chung King Fai as Yim Kwok Yip
12. 火舞黃沙 黃德斌 - 宋東陽 -------- Dance of Passion – Kenny Wong as Song Dong Yang
13. 火舞黃沙 陳鴻烈 - 茅土 -------- Dance of Passion – Chan Hung Lit as Mao Tou
14. 男人之苦 李成昌 - 李振馳 -------- Men In Pain – Lee Shing Cheung as Lee Chen Chi
15. 法證先鋒 曹永廉 - 沈雄 -------- Forensic Heroes – Raymond Cho as Sum Hung
16. 愛情全保 秦沛 - 郭醒(Smart哥) -------- Love Guaranteed – Paul Chun as Kwok Sing (Smart Goh)
17. 鳳凰四重奏 陳鍵鋒 - 汪毓麟、尚一吉 -------- Maiden’s Vow – Sammul Chan as Wang Yuk Lun, Sheung Yat Gut
18. 滙通天下 姜大偉 - 喬本業 -------- Land of Wealth – John Chiang as Qu Boon Yip
19. 滙通天下 劉丹 - 曹裕泰 -------- Land of Wealth – Lau Dan as Cho Yu Tai
20. 肥田囍事 胡諾言 - 林冠希 -------- Lush Fields Happy Days – Jack Wu as Lam Guen Hei

最佳女配角 (Best Supporting Actress)

01. 隨時候命 楊思琦 - 周小娟(Nikki) -------- Always Ready – Shirley Yeung as Chow Siu Guen (Nikki)
02. 天幕下的戀人 唐詩詠 - 高逸晴(CoCo) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Natalie Tong as Ko Yat Ching (Coco)
03. 天幕下的戀人 何綺雲 - 高逸嵐(Chris) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Ho Yi Wan as Ko Yat Fung
04. 高朋滿座 苑瓊丹 - 高麗(麗、孻姑姐、九妹) -------- Welcome to the House – Kingdom Yuen as Ko Lai
05. 女人唔易做 徐子珊 - 海璇(Ida) -------- La Femme Desperado – Kate Tsui as Hoi Suen (Ida)
06. 女人唔易做 歐倩怡 - 江晶晶 -------- La Femme Desperado – Cindy Au as Gong Jing Jing
07. 火舞黃沙 周家怡 - 茅小琴 -------- Dance of Passion – Chow Ka Yee as Mao Siu Cum
08. 火舞黃沙 馬海倫 - 桂蘭 -------- Dance of Passion – Ma Hoi Lun as Guai Lan
09. 飛短留長父子兵 陳敏之 - 高卓琪(Choco) -------- Trimming Success – Sharon Chan as Ko Chek Kei (Choco)
10. 飛短留長父子兵 譚小環 - 林慧姿 -------- Trimming Success – Halina Tam as Lam Wing Gi
11. 男人之苦 陳秀珠 - 黃德蘭 -------- Men in Pain – Rebecca Chan as Wong Tak Lan
12. 男人之苦 郭少芸 - 黃德蕙 -------- Men in Pain – Florence Kwok as Wong Tak Wei
13. 男人之苦 康華 - 歐陽莉莉 -------- Men in Pain – Akina Hong as AuYeung Lily
14. 愛情全保 劉玉翠 - 郭德美(Renee) -------- Love Guaranteed – Rain Lau as Kwok Tak Mei (Renee)
15. 愛情全保 湯盈盈 - 蕭雲 -------- Love Guaranteed – Angela Tong as Siu Wan
16. 鳳凰四重奏 商天娥 - 董帶喜 -------- Maiden’s Vow – Kiki Sheung as Dong Dai Hei
17. 滙通天下 姚嘉妮 - 喬菁 -------- Land of Wealth – Clarie Yiu as Qu Ching
18. 樓住有情人 胡定欣 - 方倩汶 -------- At Home with Love – Nancy Wu as Fong Ching Man
19. 肥田囍事 黃淑儀 - 呂秀蘭 -------- Lush Fields Happy Times – Gigi Wong as Lui Shao Lan
20. 肥田囍事 李詩韻 - 郭寶樂 -------- Lush Fields Happy Times – Selena Li as Kwok Bo Lok

我最喜愛的電視男角色 (My Favorite Actor Character)

01. 施公奇案 施世綸 - (歐陽震華) -------- A Pillowcase of Mystery – Sze Sai Lun (Bobby AuYeung)
02. 天幕下的戀人 沈朗 (Alan) - (鄭嘉穎) -------- Under the Canopy of Love – Sum Long (Kevin Cheng)
03. 天幕下的戀人 權力 (Nick) - (黃宗澤)-------- Under the Canopy of Love – Nick Cheung (Bosco Wong)
04. 鐵血保鏢 尚智(四掌櫃) - (馬浚偉) -------- Safe Guards – Sheung Chi (Steven Ma)
05. 鐵血保鏢 尚忠(二掌櫃) - (黎耀祥) -------- Safe Guards – Sheung Chong (Wayne Lai)
06. 潮爆大狀 蔣文滔(Tony) - (鄭少秋) -------- Bar Benders - Cheung Man Tao (Adam Cheng)
07. 高朋滿座 高有朋(朋、阿仔) - (鄭丹瑞) -------- Welcome to the House – Ko You Peng (Lawrence Cheng)
08. 女人唔易做 齊寬 - (林峯)-------- La Femme Desperado – Chei Foon (Raymond Lam)
09. 女人唔易做 文景良(Man) - (謝天華) -------- La Femme Desperado – Man King Leung (Michael Tse)
10. 火舞黃沙 閻萬曦(閻老闆) - (林保怡) -------- Dance of Passion – Yim Man Hei (Bowie Lam)
11. 火舞黃沙 宋東昇 - (陳豪) -------- Dance of Passion – Song Dong Sing (Moses Chan)
12. 火舞黃沙 閻國業 - (鍾景輝) -------- Dance of Passion – Yim Kwok Yip (Chung King Fai)
13. 火舞黃沙 宋東陽 - (黃德斌) -------- Dance of Passion – Song Dong Yang (Kenny Wong)
14. 男人之苦 康天任 - (劉松仁) -------- Men in Pain – Hong Tin Yam (Damian Lau)
15. 男人之苦 康世熙(康熙) - (吳卓羲) -------- Men in Pain – Hong Tin Hei (Ron Ng)
16. 法證先鋒 古澤琛(Sam) - (林文龍) -------- Forensic Heroes – Koo Chak Sum (Frankie Lam)
17. 愛情全保 郭富強(Ken) - (陳錦鴻)-------- Love Guaranteed – Kwok Fu Keung (Sunny Chan)
18. 刑事情報科 鍾正(Mark) - (王喜) -------- CIB Files – Chong Cheng (Wong He)
19. 鳳凰四重奏 余賜、李吉祥、戴立仁、方家安 - (馬德鐘) -------- Maiden’s Vow – Yu Chi, Lee Gut Cheung, Dai Lap Yan, Fong Ka On (Joe Ma)
20. 肥田囍事 戴囍 - (許志安) -------- Lush Fields Happy Days – Dai Hei (Andy Hui)

我最喜愛的電視女角色 (My Favorite Actress Character)

01. 識法代言人 孫敏儀(孫狀) - (汪明荃)-------- When Rules Turn Loose – Suen Man Yee (Liza Wang)
02. 施公奇案 米香蓉 - (郭可盈) -------- A Pillowcase of Mystery – Mei Heung Yong (Kenix Kwok)
03. 天幕下的戀人 高逸詩(Fiona) - (周麗淇) -------- Under the Canopy of Love –Ko Yet Si (Niki Chow)
04. 女人唔易做 海翹(Hilda) - (鄧萃雯)-------- La Femme Desperado –Hoi Gui (Sheren Tang)
05. 女人唔易做 海璇(Ida) - 徐子珊 -------- La Femme Desperado – Hoi Suen (Kate Tsui)
06. 女人唔易做 高志玲(高Ling) - (吳美珩)-------- La Femme Desperado – Ko Chi Ling (Melissa)
07. 火舞黃沙 焦玉(宋當家) - (蔡少芬) -------- Dance of Passion – Chui Yuk (Ada Choi)
08. 火舞黃沙 家春分 - (佘詩曼)-------- Dance of Passion – Ka Chun Fun (Charmaine Sheh)
09. 火舞黃沙 計明鳳 - (黎姿) -------- Dance of Passion - Gai Ming Fung (Gigi Lai)
10. 男人之苦 黃德蕎 - (蘇玉華) -------- Men in Pain – Wong Tak Qu (Louisa So)
11. 法證先鋒 梁小柔 - (蒙嘉慧) -------- Forensic Heroes - Leung Siu Yau (Yoyo Mung)
12. 法證先鋒 林汀汀 - (鍾嘉欣) -------- Forensic Heroes – Lam Ding Ding (Linda Chung)
13. 愛情全保 谷若晞(Hazel) - (吳美珩) -------- Love Guaranteed - Kaot Yet Hei (Melissa Ng)
14. 刑事情報科 程美麗(Emily) - (伍詠薇) -------- CIB Files – Ching Mei Lai (Christine Ng)
15. 刑事情報科 許心言(Samantha) - (邵美琪) -------- CIB Files – Hui Sum Yin (Maggie Sui)
16. 鳳凰四重奏 魏瑜鳳、汪子君、白慧珍、戴思嘉 - (佘詩曼) --------Maiden’s Vow – Ngai Yu Fung, Wang Ci Guan, Bak Wei Jen, Dai See Ka (Charmaine Sheh)
17. 滙通天下 巴巴哈兒高娃 - (郭羡妮) -------- Land of Wealth - Ba Ba Ha Yi Ko Wa (Sonijia Kwok)
18. 滙通天下 喬蓁 - (楊怡) -------- Land of Wealth – Qu Chun (Tavia Yeung)
19. 肥田囍事 何美田 - (胡杏兒) -------- Lush Fields Happy Days – Ho Fei Tin (Myolie Wu)
20. 肥田囍事 呂秀蘭 - (黃淑儀) --------Lush Fields Happy Days – Lui Shao Lan (Gigi Wong)

飛躍進步男藝員 (Most Improved Actor)

01. 黎諾懿 隨時候命 - 蔣加諾(Kelvin) -------- Lai Lok Yi (Always Ready)
02. 馬國明 本草藥王 - 龐憲; 女人唔易做 - 高志力; 愛情全保; 肥田囍事 - 麥家輝 - 郭富勤(Tim) -------- Kenneth Ma (Herbalist Manual ,La Femme Desperado, Love Guaranteed, Lush Fields Happy Times)
03. 鄭嘉穎 天幕下的戀人 - 沈朗 (Alan); 飛短留長父子兵 - 范天朗(Jason) -------- Kevin Cheng (Under the Canopy of Love, Trimming Success)
04. 馬浚偉 鐵血保鏢 - 尚智(四掌櫃); 滙通天下 - 章崇文 -------- Steven Ma (Safe Guards, Land of Wealth)
05. 陳鍵鋒 潮爆大狀 - 林家信; 鳳凰四重奏 - 汪毓麟、尚一吉 -------- Sammul Chan (Bar Benders, Maiden’s Vow)
06. 曹永廉 高朋滿座 - 高有義(義、阿Dee、Andy); 法證先鋒 - 沈雄 -------- Raymond Cho (Welcome to the House, Forensic Heroes)
07. 李思捷 高朋滿座 - 章溢滿(溢、阿咩) -------- Johnson Lee (Welcome to the House)
08. 謝天華 女人唔易做 - 文景良(Man) -------- Michael Tse (La Femme Desperado)
09. 王賢誌 火舞黃沙 - 閻萬天 -------- Vinci Wong (Dance of Passion)
10. 黃德斌 火舞黃沙 - 宋東陽 -------- Kenny Wong (Dance of Passion)
11. 黃嘉樂 飛短留長父子兵 - 范天明 -------- Stephen Wong (Trimming Success)
12. 吳卓羲 男人之苦 - 康世熙(康熙) -------- Ron Ng (Men in Pain)
13. 司徒瑞祈 樓住有情人 - 徐日進 -------- Charles Szeto (At Home with Love)
14. 胡諾言 肥田囍事 - 林冠希 -------- Jack Wu (Lush Fields Happy Times)
15. 高鈞賢 肥田囍事 - 高文俊 -------- Matthew Ko (Lush Fields Happy Times)
16. 崔建邦 勁歌金曲 -------- Amigo Chui (Jade Solid Gold)
17. 森美 15/16 -------- Sam Mei (15/16)
18. 鄭中基 美女廚房 -------- Ronald Cheng (Beautiful Cooking)
19. 梁漢文 美女廚房 -------- Edmond Leung (Beautiful Cooking)
20. 方力申 美女廚房 -------- Alex Fong (Beautiful Cooking)

飛躍進步女藝員 (Most Improved Actress)

01. 鍾嘉欣 隨時候命 - 施楚淇(Sandra);人生馬戲團 - 路丹;
法證先鋒 - 林汀汀; 肥田囍事 - 郭寶樂-------- Linda Chung (Always Ready, The Biter Bitten, Forensic Heroes)
02. 李詩韻 本草藥王 - 吳慕榕 -------- Selena Li (Herbalist Manual, Lush Fields Happy Times)
03. 陳敏之 覆雨翻雲 - 虛夜月; 飛短留長父子兵 - 高卓琪(Choco)-------- Sharon Chan (LWOLAP, Trimming Success)
04. 楊怡 施公奇案 - 僧格明珠; 滙通天下 - 喬蓁 -------- Tavia Yeung (A Pillowcase of Mystery, Land of Wealth)
05. 姚子羚 鐵血保鏢 - 利祥鳳 -------- Elaine Yiu (Safe Guards)
06. 楊思琦 人生馬戲團 - 席可兒(Joey) -------- Shirley Yeung (The Biter Bitten)
07. 唐寧 潮爆大狀 - 蔣思庭(Stephanie) -------- Leila Tong (Bar Benders)
08. 鄧上文 高朋滿座 - 高有情(情、阿喱、Shirlee) -------- Shermon Tang (Welcome to the House)
09. 鍾煌 高朋滿座 - 高蕙婷(婷、高B) -------- Chung Wong (Welcome to the House)
10. 徐子珊 女人唔易做 - 海璇(Ida)-------- Kate Tsui (Le Femme Desperado)
11. 楊秀惠 法證先鋒 - 凌心怡 (Josie) -------- Vivian Yao (Forensic Heroes)
12. 周家怡 火舞黃沙 - 茅小琴 -------- Chow Ka Yee (Dance of Passion)
13. 梁靖琪 男人之苦 - 高芬 -------- Toby Leung (Men in Pain)
14. 唐詩詠 法證先鋒 - 趙雪敏 (Mon); 樓住有情人 - 蔡盈盈;
最緊要健康-------- Natalie Tong (Forensic Heroes, At Home with Love, Most Important is Healthy)
15. 胡定欣 樓住有情人 - 方倩汶 -------- Nancy Wu (At Home with Love)
16. at 17 勁歌金曲 -------- At17 (Jade Solid Gold)
17. 周汶錡 回味無窮 -------- Cathy Chow (Food Shows: Bountiful Tastes, Near the Kitchen)
18. 小儀 15/16 -------- Siu Yee (15/16)
19. 姚嘉妮 最緊要健康 -------- Clarie Yiu (Most Important is Health)
20. 歐倩怡 女人唔易做 - 江晶晶; 心大心細 -------- Cindy Au (La Femme Desperado, Puzzle of the Mind)

最佳節目主持 (Best Host/Hostess)

01. 勁歌金曲 崔建邦 -------- Amigo Chiu (Jade Solid Gold)
02. 勁歌金曲 at 17 -------- At17 (Jade Solid Gold)
03. 百法百眾 鄭裕玲 -------- Dodo Cheng (Justice to All)
04. 回味無窮 周汶錡 -------- Cathy Chow (Bountiful Tastes)
05. 回味無窮 歐陽應霽 -------- AuYeung Ying Chai (Bountiful Tastes)
06. 名曲滿天星 汪明荃 -------- Liza Wang (The Unforgettables)
07. 吾湯吾水 黃淑儀 -------- Gigi Wong (Secret of Soups)
08. 日日有食神 梁文韜 -------- Leung Man Tao (Gourmet Secret Agent)
09. 15/16 森美 --------Sam Mei (15/16)
10. 15/16 小儀 -------- Siu Yi (15/16)
11. 最緊要健康 莫樹錦醫生 -------- Doctoc Mok Shu Gum (Most Important is Health)
12. 美女廚房 鄭中基 -------- Ronald Cheng (Beautiful Cooking)
13. 美女廚房 梁漢文 -------- Edmond Leung (Beautiful Cooking)
14. 美女廚房 方力申 -------- Alex Fong (Beautiful Cooking)
15. 世紀天道行 陶傑 -------- Tou Kit
16. 更上一層樓 郭可盈 -------- Kenix Kwok
17. 故宮 鄭少秋 -------- Adam Cheng (Inside the Forbidden City)
18. 2006世界盃:頂CUP好波 林尚義 -------- Lam Sheung Yi (World Cup 2006)
19. 2006世界盃:頂CUP好波 伍晃榮 -------- Ng Fong Wing (World Cup 2006)
20. 2006世界盃:頂CUP好波 李克勤 -------- Hacken Lee (World Cup 2006)

最佳劇集 (Best Series)

01. 隨時候命 -------- Always Ready
02. 本草藥王 -------- Herbalist Manual
03. 識法代言人 -------- When Rules Turn Loose
04. 謎情家族 -------- Greed Mask
05. 覆雨翻雲 -------- Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion
06. 施公奇案 -------- A Pillowcase of Mystery
07. 天幕下的戀人 --------Under the Canopy of Love
08. 鐵血保鏢 -------- Safe Guards
09. 人生馬戲團 -------- The Biter Bitten
10. 潮爆大狀 -------- Bar Benders
11. 高朋滿座 -------- Welcome to the House
12. 女人唔易做 -------- La Femme Desperado
13. 火舞黃沙 -------- Dance of Passion
14. 飛短留長父子兵 -------- Trimming Success
15. 男人之苦 -------- Men in Pain
16. 法證先鋒 -------- Forensic Heroes
17. 愛情全保 -------- Love Guaranteed
18. 刑事情報科 -------- CIB Files
19. 鳳凰四重奏 -------- Maiden’s Vow
20. 滙通天下 -------- Land of Wealth
21. 樓住有情人 -------- At Home with Love
22. 肥田囍事-------- Lush Fields Happy Times

最佳綜藝資訊節目 (Best Variety Show)

01. 回味無窮 -------- (Bountiful Tastes)
02. 名曲滿天星 -------- (The Unforgettables)
03. 神山 -------- (Mountain Kinabalu)
04. 勝在有心人
05. 細說名城 -------- (From City to City)
06. 為食救兵
07. 15/16 -------- (15/16)
08. 向世界出發 -------- (On the Road)
09. 最緊要健康 -------- (Most Important is Health)
10. 美女廚房 -------- (Beautiful Cooking)

最具創意節目 (Most Creative Show)

01. 笑口常開
02. 15/16 -------- (15/16)
03. 向世界出發 -------- (On the Road)
04. 心大心細 -------- (Puzzle of the Mind)
05. 美女廚房 -------- (Beautiful Cooking)
06. 老馮日記 -------- (Stephen Fung’s Diary)
07. 為食救兵
08. 最緊要健康 -------- (Most Important is Health)

最佳外購節目 (Best Outsource Programme)

01. 鐵齒銅牙紀曉嵐(Ⅲ) -------- (Bronze Teeth Gei Huee Lam III)
02. 王子變青蛙 -------- (When Prince Turn into Frog)
03. 棟篤狀王
04. 電車男 -------- (Train Man)
05. 神鵰俠侶 -------- (The Savior of the Soul)
06. 阿笨與阿占 -------- (Ben and Jim)
07. 女王的教室 -------- (Queen of the Classroom)
08. 筋肉擂台
09. 世紀天道行
10. 故宮 -------- (Inside the Forbidden City)

最佳宣傳片 (Best Promotional Clip)
01. 謎情家族——籠中鳥局中局篇 -------- Greek Mask – Bird inside the Cage
02. 2006國際華裔小姐競選——絕色篇 -------- Miss International 2006 – Beautiful Version
03. 男人之苦——惡夢上頭篇 -------- Men in Pain - Nightmare
04. Summer Image 2006——無盡想像篇 -------- Summer Image 2006 – Unlimited Imagination
05. 鳳凰四重奏——代代相傳篇 -------- Maiden’s Vow - Generations
06. 法證先鋒——時光倒流篇 -------- Forensic Heroes – Travel back in Time
07. 聽側田音樂會——慳番啖氣飲水篇 -------- Justin’s Music Concert – Drink Water
08. 肥田囍事——顛覆全城篇 -------- Lush Fields Happy Times – Shake up the Entire City
09. 中秋節——肥田教你放輕鬆篇 -------- Mid-Autumn Festival – Myolie as Fei Tin
10. 情人節——愛新鮮篇 -------- Valentine’s Day – Loving Freshness


My Critiques and Thoughts:

I am not ready to give out my predictions and picks yet, but here I will state some of my thoughts on this year's nomination list...

-- How the nomination are distributed from the series are not representative enough. Almost all nominations from LWOLAP are missing, and also other series have too many nominations, while others only have a few. Perhaps ratings have to do with this factor...

-- Besides, the arrangement for some of the awards are strange. For example, why would King Sir be qualified for running in "Best Actor" with his character in "Welcome to the House", but not qualified in the "Favorite Character Award"?

-- Glad to see the "Favorite Character" and "Best Series" back! But how many "Favorite Characters" will be chosen? And also, why don't TVB bring back the "Best Couple" award? Certainly a lot of people (including me) miss it!

-- As many have noticed, TVB has included previous "Best Improved" receivers, like Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, and Shirley Yeung, back into running for the same award again. Why does TVB want to do that?

-- Kind of strange for TVB to put At17, Sammi and Siu Yi, as well as the hosts for "Beautiful Cooking" in the nominations for "Most Improved"...

-- And for the award ceremony on the November 10th, will the format similar to "Oscar Award", like last year's?

I will post up my predictions and picks a little later...=)

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October 10, 2006

Posted at 10:40 PM

TVB 39th Anniversary Month "officially" begins today as Sir Shaw Run Run and 100 TVB artists presented in the "Lighting Ceremony". The group picture is very similar compared to last year's, with Sir Run Run in the middle, accompanied by Liza Wang and Dodo Chang at his sides. The first row is once again dominated by all actresses, with "important" actors follow closely behind in the second row. The casts from "Pearl of Orient" (Lisa Wang, Charmaine Sheh and Roger Kwok) performed a dance, while casts from "Welcome to the House" did a comedy performance. Singers like Joey Yung and Leo Ku are also presented.

And...The Slogan for this year's Anniversary is...

The English translation means: Being in front, Wonderful 39 years!

And to get things going, the voting site for "Anniversary Awards" is up! Here is the page:



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October 9, 2006

Posted at 3:00 PM

The third installment of "Blood-related Relatives" is finally here! Sure took me awhile...but here are them...

Lai Suen and Gigi Lai
Series together before: Not sure...
Relationship: Aunt and Niece (Gigi's father is Lai Suen's brother)

Thoughts: Lai Suen's father actually was a really famous actor awhile ago, and the Lai family has gained a lot of fame throughtout the years. Gigi is actually the third generation of the Lai family in the showbiz industry. Do you recall Gigi said something in 37th anniversary after she received the "Best Actress Award" about her family? She was referring to "keeping the fame" in the Lai Family with her own effort (getting the award).

Kong Yan Yin and Liz Kong Hei Man (Kong Yan Chi)
Series together before: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
Relationship: Sisters

Thoughts: Not sure if everyone remember the Kong sisters, but both of them have appeared in "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000" before (the one w/ Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai). And what really interesting is that they act as "mother and daughter" in HSDS 2000.

Sek Sau and Sam Chan Yu Sum
Series together before: Not sure...but they performed together in 36th Anniversary
Relationship: Father and Son

Thoughts: I think most people know about this already. But some people might ask why do they have different last names? Actually Sek Sau has another offical name, where his real last name is Chan. This is the same case as Jackie Chan, where his real last name is actually "Fong".

Lee Ka Ding, Lee Wing Hon, and Lee Wing Ho
Series together before: Lee Ka Ding and Lee Wing Ho both appeared in "Blade Heart", but not sure about three together in one series...
Relationship: Father and Sons

Thoughts: Actually the entire Lee family (the four of them including father, mother, and the brothers) are all in the showbiz, and have either worked for TVB before or is currently working for TVB. The mother of the Lee brothers is Sze Ming. She has appeared in "Kindred Spirit" as Nancy Sit's brother's wife before. And of course there is a possibility later that Shirley Yeung will be an addition to the family...

(pic credit to asianfanatics, yahoo search engine,, sina)


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October 2, 2006

Posted at 10:39 PM

Not feeling all too good these days...don't worry...I did fine on my exams and mid-terms...I actually should be happy since I am done with the two-week long torture of exams, tests, and presentations...but...*sigh*...the answer is simply my Astros couldn't make into the playoff this depressing...

Okay, now with some better news concerning TVB. So the "Singers Celebrating TVB Anniversary" will be held on November 4th! Many top stars will be attending, including Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Joey Yung, Twins, and Denise Ho! However, due to some conflict (?), the singers under Gold Label will not be attending. Those include Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong, Justin, Stephy and Kary...

Whatever the case is, at least we have the date set in stone, and a list of good singers will be there as well. As predicted as of now, the format will be pretty much the same as previous years, with competition of "Male Singers VS Female Singers". The captains will most likely be Andy Lau and Hacken Lee representing the boys again, and Kelly and Joey representing the girls.

Source: The Original Chinese Article

I am excited to see what it will bring, and hope to hear more news soon about anniversary!!!

PS: Hopefully I can get myself working on the sheet music again...and btw, seemed like Face to Fate is quite interesting....

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