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August 19, 2006

Posted at 10:37 PM

Exactly three months from today will be the 39th Anniversary of TVB. Is there anyone already getting excited like me??? Probably not…but anyways, I am already on the lookout for all-related anniversary news. And as we wait another three months before the actual date arrive, let’s see what we have so far and what we can be speculating about…

--- According to Kitson at TVB Chinese News Collection, the anniversary series will be “Pearl of Orient” and “Lush Field Happy Days”. Will TVB change their mind at the end?

--- Also according to Kitson at TVB Chinese News Collection, there will be three shows celebrating the anniversary this year, including the Singers Show, an Award Ceremony, and the actual celebration that night on the nineteenth. So I guess we can conclude that the celebration on the nineteen will be performance-based if they separate the awards. But how will the arrangement fair out? What about the ratings and qualities to the shows?

--- The ballots and votings aren't even out yet for this year's awards, but do you already have your "list" in mind?

--- For the past few years, a big hit series usually dominate the award ceremony. This year we haven’t really had one yet, except probably “La Femme Desperado” and “Forensic Heroes”. But we are still waiting for “the” series…

--- There has been a lot of news about Sir Shaw Run Run wanted to sell his part of TVB’s stocks to others. Might this year’s anniversary be the last one that Sir Run Run will attend as a “boss”?

As the future is still unclear, I will be taking some time in the remaining three months to share with you some of my thoughts of the old anniversary shows, which are shows on my top TVB favorites for all time. Actually the first ever anniversary show that I have watched is the one took place in 1994, the 27th anniversary. And since then, I have been catching on every year’s show.

It will be a long story to talk about…it’s getting late now at my place, I’ll be back for more! ^_^

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