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October 15, 2006

Posted at 10:55 PM

According to TVBSquare Forum News Flash, the current online voting results are as the following:

Temporarily Date: 13/10/2006 - 20.00 (News From TVB)

TVB Best Actor Awards (Top 3)
1. Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow - 62 Votes
2. Raymond Lam - La Femme Desperado - 57 Votes
3. Bobby Au Yeung - Forensic Heroes - 35 Votes

TVB Best Actress (Top 3)
1. Charmaine Sheh - Maiden's Vow - 138 Votes
2. Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado - 103 Votes
3. Ada Choi - The Dance Of Passion - 12 Votes

Best Series Awards
La Femme Desperado - 130 Votes

TVB Best Supporting Actor Awards
Johnson Lee - Welcome To The House - 57 Votes

TVB Best Supporting Actress Awards
Natalie Tong - Under The Canopy Of Love - 77 Votes

TVB Most Favorites Character For Actor Awards
Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow - 73 Votes

TVB Most Favorites Character For Actress Awards
Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado - 106 Votes

TVB Most Improved Actor Awards
Michael Tse - La Femme Desperado - 87 Votes

TVB Most Improved Actress Awards
Tavia Yeung - Land Of Wealth - 78 Votes

Best Host Awards
Sam Mei - 15/16 - 86 Votes

Best Variety Show Awards
Beautiful Cooking - 169 Votes

Most Creative Programme Awards
Beautiful Cooking - 141 Votes

Best Out Source Programme Awards
Queen Of The Classroom - 162 Votes

Best Promotion Clip Awards
Lush Fields Happy Times - 61 Votes

NOTE: Myolie is lagging behind Ada at 11 votes for "Best Actress"...

My Comments:
So far so good for me, although kind of hoping to see Myolie's chance increases as "Lush Fields Happy Times" gets on air soon...

Besides, Dodo Cheng and her boyfriend David Lui (Lui Fong) are confirmed to be the leading captains for the Female and Male teams respectively at the "All Singers Celebrating TVB Anniversary" to be taken place on November 4th. Fun and drama are guaranteed on the show! =)

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