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October 9, 2006

Posted at 3:00 PM

The third installment of "Blood-related Relatives" is finally here! Sure took me awhile...but here are them...

Lai Suen and Gigi Lai
Series together before: Not sure...
Relationship: Aunt and Niece (Gigi's father is Lai Suen's brother)

Thoughts: Lai Suen's father actually was a really famous actor awhile ago, and the Lai family has gained a lot of fame throughtout the years. Gigi is actually the third generation of the Lai family in the showbiz industry. Do you recall Gigi said something in 37th anniversary after she received the "Best Actress Award" about her family? She was referring to "keeping the fame" in the Lai Family with her own effort (getting the award).

Kong Yan Yin and Liz Kong Hei Man (Kong Yan Chi)
Series together before: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
Relationship: Sisters

Thoughts: Not sure if everyone remember the Kong sisters, but both of them have appeared in "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000" before (the one w/ Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai). And what really interesting is that they act as "mother and daughter" in HSDS 2000.

Sek Sau and Sam Chan Yu Sum
Series together before: Not sure...but they performed together in 36th Anniversary
Relationship: Father and Son

Thoughts: I think most people know about this already. But some people might ask why do they have different last names? Actually Sek Sau has another offical name, where his real last name is Chan. This is the same case as Jackie Chan, where his real last name is actually "Fong".

Lee Ka Ding, Lee Wing Hon, and Lee Wing Ho
Series together before: Lee Ka Ding and Lee Wing Ho both appeared in "Blade Heart", but not sure about three together in one series...
Relationship: Father and Sons

Thoughts: Actually the entire Lee family (the four of them including father, mother, and the brothers) are all in the showbiz, and have either worked for TVB before or is currently working for TVB. The mother of the Lee brothers is Sze Ming. She has appeared in "Kindred Spirit" as Nancy Sit's brother's wife before. And of course there is a possibility later that Shirley Yeung will be an addition to the family...

(pic credit to asianfanatics, yahoo search engine,, sina)


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