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October 23, 2006

Posted at 9:54 PM

An article from orisun today reported about some confirmed news of the Anniversary show on November 19th.

First of, the confirmed hosts and hostesses (MCs) for that night are as follows:
Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Dodo(Carol) Chang, Liza Wang, Amigo Chui and Anna Yau.

*Lydia Shum will be absent from her usual role this year due to her illness.

Next, several performing and entertaining parts for the night are confirmed. Here they are:

A special edition of "Beautiful Cooking" will be held live in the show. This time, the contestants are all "Ah Jie(s)"(Big Sisters), including Liza Wang, Dodo(Carol) Chang, and Nancy Sit. They will be cooking all kinds of expansive food, such as abalone and shark fin.

With the releases of the two albums "All About Men" and "Lady in Red" in the past two years, the singers from both albums will finally have a chance to come together and perform. On the night of the anniversary, the "Men" and the "Women" will be "competing" with each other.

During one part, Actors and Actresses will have to pretend as "wax statues", and be "criticized" and "picked on" by the hosts and hostesses about their rumors and news.

Original Chinese Article:

My thoughts:
So sad to see Fei Jie (Lydia Shum) to be absent from her usual hostess role, and also most likely absent from the entire show as well. Just so used to seeing her every year at the Anniversary...hope that she will get well soon! As for the performing and entertaining parts, I am especially looking forward to the "All About Men" VS "Lady in Red". Must be really fun! =)

PS: So happy to see TVB Cafe reaches 10000 hits today! Don't have much plan to celebrate, but still, I am happy! Thanks for the support to those who are reading my posts...=)


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