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August 2, 2006

Posted at 9:13 PM

When I first became a TVB fan, I have always been interested in all those lovely theme songs. Whenever there is a new series airing, the first thing I will notice most of the time is the theme song. Since I am also a pianist, the ability of playing those lovely theme has been one of my wishes. Is anyone out there have the same thoughts with me?

And now to extend my little wish, I have started to arrange sheets music for the themes and sub-themes. And opening this blog, I've decided to share with the TVB fans community out here.

But...just a few words before I hand my humbly scores out...
-- Original melodies and lyrics are copyrighted to TVB. I do not claim them as my own other than I arrange the scores. If anyone is offended by my scores, please notify me and I'll remove them in 24 hours.
-- I must admit my skills of arranging scores are not good as I am a starter. If you find them poorly written, feel free to criticize me, but don't do anything harmful to me other than that...please...
-- Please do not redistribute any of this sheets music anywhere, unless you ask my permission and link back. And please don't make profit out of these sheets music and claim them as your own.
-- If you find them useful, kindly refer your friends to here?
-- If you have any future request for any songs, feel free to leave a comment at the tagboard. However, I don't guarantee I will fulfill every request as not every song is easy to arrange...
-- A sample mp3 will/may be included with each song's download. If you post it up anywhere, please link back...
-- Other than enjoy!

Scores that will be posted soon:
LWOLAP main theme by Raymond Lam
Yummy Yummy sub-theme by Kevin Cheng
Forensic Heroes theme by Frankie Lam
and more...

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