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  • I have watched TVB Dramas since 1990. My all-time favorite TVB Dramas include Journey to the West I and II, A Tough Side of a Lady, Old Time Buddy - To Catch a Thief, Return of the Cuckoo, A Taste of Love and a few more...

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November 19, 2007

Posted at 11:33 PM

Yet another year has passed, and TVB is officially 40th years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TVB! As TVB steps into the 41th year, I want to wish TVB continue to succeed in various areas. And I hope TVB continue to bring audiences happiness and surprises each and every day!

I have finally completed my GMAT test last Saturday. I can seriously relax a bit after the test. Also, this week is Thanksgiving week, and I only have one more regular classes next week. That means I can devote to TVB-related stuff more as December arrives. Frankly speaking, I haven't watched any new TVB series for a long time. I really want to do some catching up during this Christmas holiday.

I have just finished watching this year's "Anniversary Gala" show, and I must say I am a bit disappointed in quite a lot of things. I won't say much now, since I am going to write my reviews on the three Anniversary shows this year starting on Wednesday. Remember to check back! =)


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November 16, 2007

Posted at 9:45 PM

I almost cannot believe that the TVB Anniversary Awards 2007 is happening tonight (Nov 17) in Hong Kong! Time sure flies, and I am so behind in guessing this year's winners. But here I am now to do some last minute predictions. Read on if you want to find out about my thoughts...

My Predictions and Picks:

Best Actor:
My Prediction - Moses Chan/Bobby Au Yeung
My Pick - Moses Chan

Thoughts: I have always envisioned Moses of getting the award this year after the success of "Heart of Greed". However, with the recent popularity of Bobby getting into the top 5 finalist of International Emmy and TVB's attention to it, there have been reports about a chance for Bobby to get the "Best Actor" to indicate TVB's appreciation to Bobby. I just hope that Moses can win because I think he deserves it.

Best Actress:
My Prediction - Susanna Kwan/Louise Li
My Pick - Susanna Kwan

Thoughts: Frankly speaking, I haven't had a chance to watch "Heart of Greed", so I really can't judge in terms of acting between Susanna and Louise. However, I want to pick Susanna Kwan because my instinct told me to. And, I am also suspecting TVB pulling a special move regarding this year's Best Actress. A "double-crowning" is possible, although it has never happened before. Let's just wait and see.

Best Supporting Actor
My Prediction - Ng Wai Kwok
My Pick - Benz Hui

Best Supporting Actress
My Prediction - Fala Chen
My Pick - Florence Kwok

Most Favorite Male Character
My Prediction - Ha Yu as Bao Bao/Moses Chan as Dak Dak Dei
My Pick - Raymond Lam as Alfred

Most Favorite Female Character
My Prediction - Linda Chung as Sung Joi Sum
My Pick - Bernice Liu as Lee Sum Ying

Most Improved Actor
My Prediction - Lai Lok Yi
My Pick - Lai Lok Yi

Most Improved Actress
My Prediction - Bernice Liu
My Pick - Bernice Liu/Selena Li

Best Series
My Prediction - Heart Of Greed
My Pick - Heart Of Greed/The Brink Of Law

Most Favorite Host
My Prediction - Lydia Shum ¨in Where Are They Now
My Pick - Lydia Shum ¨in Where Are They Now

I heard from somewhere that Lydia Shum (Fei Jie) will be getting three awards, and this is one of them. I think she deserves this category. I have watched "Where Are They Now" and it's a pretty good show.

Best Creativity
My Prediction - Foodie 2 Shoes
My Pick - Foodie 2 Shoes

Best Variety Show
My Prediction - On The Road
My Pick - On The Road

Best Promotion Clip
My Prediction - TVBuddy
My Pick - TVBuddy/Chinese New Year/Devil's Disciples

Thoughts: I love a lot of the promotion clips! Too hard to choose for me, but I think I would like TVBuddy to win. I just find myself liking TVBuddy a lot...haha...

That's it from me. I simply can't wait to watch the Awards Ceremony and the Anniversary Show! In terms of awards, I don't have much to look forward this year b/c I haven't watched most of the competing series and shows, however, I am still equally interested!
I am taking the GMAT on Nov 17th. Afterwards, I will be less busy, so hopefully I can update more often from that point on. I hope to come back soon to post up my thoughts after the awards have taken place. And also I am going to share my thoughts about the Anniversary show. Check back later! =)


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