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August 4, 2006

Posted at 9:23 PM

As TVB series get on air each and everyday, audiences usually notice the actors and actresses on screen. However, those behind the scenes created a lot of impact in the overall production as well. Want to meet them?

A new feature of TVB Café: “Behind the Scenes”, where I dive into different areas of the hard-working people behind the scenes. The first ones I will be focusing on are “TVB Music Masters.”

Anyone having watched modern TVB’s series for even a short while would notice that TVB always have a main theme song to go with every series, while sometimes sub-themes are included as well. Ever wonder who wrote those songs, who gave them lyrics to make them connect to the series?

One of the young songwriters emerged in just the past few years has played a key role in recent series music production. His name, Tang Chi Wai 鄧智偉, probably might sound unfamiliar to you at this moment, but his songs are just all too familiar to you.

His songs included (not inclusive):
Don’t Blame Her (Revolving Door of Vengence sub)
Triangular Love (Yummy Yummy sub)
Fortunately (War and Destiny main)
Let it Flow (Love Guaranteed main)
Swear (Sau San Juen main)
Biased Love (Love Bond sub)
Broadcast by the Standard (At Home With Love)
Truth (Into Thin Air main)
Leaving Trace (Forensic Heroes main)
No one loves (Au Revoir Shanghai main)
Put Your Hands Up (World Cup TVB theme)
Don’t Blame Him
Please Speak (Under the Canopy of Love main)
Flower in the mirror (The Charm Beneath)
Forever Friends (Yummy Yummy main)
King Kong (Men in Pain sub)
A Deep Breath (Last Breakthrough main)
Welcome to the House main
The Charm Beneath sub

I first noticed his name when I brought “All About Men” CD. Afterwards when “Lady in Red” CD came out, his name is even almost printed on every page on the little lyrics booklet that came with the CD. It’s at that time that I started to notice that he has produced songs for a lot of recent series.

Just out of curiosity, I typed his Chinese name in Yahoo Hong Kong search engine and found two interviews. Not the entire articles are relevant, but here are the summaries:

- He entered TVB in 2001.
- His debut is the main theme for “Last Breakthrough”.
- He is the producer for “War of In-Laws” main theme; he pointed out that they actually wrote the lyrics part before the song, a very rare innovation in Canto music.

the links to the actual articles…
Article 1
Article 2

My thoughts: I think it is interesting that a lot of recent hit TVB songs are written by the same person. I think his songs are pretty good and hope to hear more from him…What do you guys think?

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