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August 26, 2007

Posted at 11:09 PM

Does anyone remember my post last year regarding "TVB Children Songs Award Presentation"? I can't believe an entire year has gone by already, and the TVB Children Songs Awards Ceremony 2007 has just taken place in Hong Kong last Saturday on August 25th. Just like most other years, the ceremony is aimed to give out awards to ten voted best children songs, along with shows and presentations. There are also other awards given out, such as the "Best Lyrics" and "Most Favored by Dad and Mom" awards. This year is no different. There are totally 25 new songs competing for the "Top Ten Awards", and another group of older songs competing for a separate "Best Children Song out of all years" award.

The results are as follows:

The Ten Voted Best Children Songs: (The order of appearance has nothing to do with the actual ranking)

1. We are family - 湯盈盈
Angela Tong

2. 朱古力與雲呢拿 - 廖碧兒、胡杏兒
Chocolate and Vanilla - Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu

3. 軍曹 Again - 黃宗澤
Keroro Again - Bosco Wong

4. 星星的加冕 - 佘詩曼
Throned by Stars - Charmaine Sheh

5. 單車王子 - 鄧健泓
Bicycle Prince - Patrick Tang

6. 動物橫町- 鍾嘉欣
Animals Fun (?) - Linda Chung

7. Be Brave! 幪面超人 - 林峯
Be Brave! Masked Superman - Raymond Lam

8. 小學館- 泳兒、關智娬、吳浩康、鍾舒漫
Elementary School - Vincy Chan, Kenny Kwna, Deep Ng, Shermon Chung

9. 童話Everyday- 裕美
Fairytales Everyday - Yu Mei

10. 厚愛 - 薛家燕、石祐珊
Deep Love - Nancy Sit and her daughter

"The Song Favored Most by Dad and Mom" award:
We are family - 湯盈盈 (Angela Tong)

"Best Music" award:
星星的加冕 - 作曲:鄧智偉 主唱: 佘詩曼
Throned by Stars - Charmaine Sheh - Composed by Tang Chi Wai (go him!)

"Best Lyrics" award:
眼睛 - 作詞、作曲、主唱:李紫昕
Eyes - Written by Purple Lee

"Best Children Song out of all years" award:
烏卒卒 - 陳松伶
烏卒卒 sang by Nnadia Chan

"Gold Award" (the song that received the most votes out of the top ten voted best)
星星的加冕 - 佘詩曼
Throned by Stars - Charmaine Sheh

My Views:

First off, congratulations to the winners!

As you can see, the winners are heavily dominated by TVB's own artists. Of course there are news about TVB fixing the awards themselves. Oh well, it is just a children awards show for kids to have fun. I personally don't really care as long as TVB continues to hold this event. As for the results, those were what I expected them to be. I am just a bit surprise that TVB did not give an award to Ron Ng. And out of the 25 new songs, I only have heard Ray's, Bernice and Myolie's, Charmaine's, the EEG group's and Angela Tong's. I personally really like Ray's.

And I must say a BIG congratulation to Nnadia Chan (Chung Chung Jie Jie)! She totally deserved that award! She has had so many children songs over the years, and it is so glad that she got some recognition after so many years!

I haven't gotten a chance to watch the show myself. Actually, I have watched the 2006 ceremony just weeks ago. But I have just seen the opening at youtube, and I must say I like it so far. They are trying to bring back a lot of the old faces from the past, and I am so happy to see Lawrence Cheng back as a host of the show! He has been a host for "Children Songs" awards for many years before Lydia Sum (Fei Jei) took over. Now that Lydia cannot participate, I am so glad that TVB invited Lawrence back as host!

I am also really happy to see many of the past anchors of the children shows back in "Children Songs" awards too! Seemed like this year's show will bring back lots of my childhood memories. Can't wait to watch the full show!


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