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November 9, 2006

Posted at 10:30 PM

We’re down to the final home stretch…anyone besides the contestants, and me are excited??? =)
With few hours left before the ceremony begins, I will now do a round of “Pre-TVB 39th Anniversary Awards Night” wrap-up…

Just Some Background Info:

The Anniversary Awards Ceremony to be taken place tonight (in HK time) in Hong Kong will mark the 10th year of TVB’s awards presentation. Inspired by ATV’s year-end awards, TVB decided to launch their own awards ceremony in 1997, giving recognition to actors and actresses, as well as background crew members that provide efforts to the ultimate success to TVB series. Since 1997, TVB awards have become a tradition, while creating yet another topic for Hong Kong (and overseas) fans to be excited about.

This year…

What's so special about this year's awards ceremony is that it is TVB's first ever stand alone anniversary awards ceremony ever, resulting in three different shows in celebrating TVB's anniversary this year. Is it a good thing or bad thing? never know...everything has to have a beginning...

As far as I know, there will be one performance on the awards night, which is a dance done by Kenneth Ma, Kenny Wong, Fala Chan, Sharon Luk, etc. As for the MC for the night, it will be Carol (Dodo) Cheng.

The results from paper voting are in, letting the temporary top 5 lists released throughout this week. The temporary top 5 are as follows (posting here again)…

credit: and Apple Daily

TVB Best Actor Awards Top 5 -
1. Kevin Cheng - Under The Canopy Of Love
2. Adam Cheng - Bar Benders
3. Bowie Lam - The Dance Of Passion
4. Damain Lau - Men In Pain
5. Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow

TVB Best Actress Awards Top 5 -
1. Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado
2. Ada Choi - The Dance Of Passion
3. Charmaine Sheh - The Dance Of Passion
4. Charmaine Sheh - Maiden's Vow
5. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

Top 5 Most Improved Actor Awards
1. Kenneth Ma - The Herbalist's Manual, La Femme Desparado, Love Guaranteed, To Grow With Love
2. Kevin Cheng - Under The Canopy Of Love, Trimming Success
3. Steven Ma - Safe Guards, Land Of Wealth
4. Sammul Chan - Bar Bender, Maiden's Vow
5. Michael Tse - La Femme Desperado

Top 5 Most Improved Actress Awards
1. Linda Chung - Always Ready, The Biter Bitten, Forensic Heroes
2. Selena Li - The Herbalist Manual, To Grow With Love
3. Tavia Yeung - A Pillow Case of Mystery, Land Of Wealth
4. Leila Tong - Bar Bender
5. Natalie Tong - Under The Canopy Of Love, Forensic Heroes, Most Important Is Health

Top 5 TVB Best Supporting Actor Awards
1. Wayne Lai - Safe Guards
2. Johnson Lee - Welcome To The House
3. Kenny Wong - The Dance Of Passion
4. Sammul Chan - Maiden's Vow
5. John Chiang - Land Of Wealth

Top 5 TVB Best Supporting Actress Awards
1. Shirley Yeung - Always Ready
2. Kingdom Yeun - Welcome To The House
3. Rebecca Chan - Men In Pain
4. Kiki Sheung - Maiden's Vow
5. Gigi Wong - To Grow With Love

Top 5 - Most Favorites Character For Actor Awards -
1. Steven Ma - Safe Guards
2. Adam Cheng - Bar Benders
3. Raymond Lam - La Femme Desperado
4. Bowie Lam - The Dance Of Passion
5. Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow

Top 5 - Most Favorites Character For Actress Awards -
1. Niki Chow - Under The Canopy Of Love
2. Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado
3. Charmaine Sheh - The Dance Of Passion
4. Charmaine Sheh - Maiden's Vow
5. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

Top 5 - Best Host Awards -
1. Amigo Chui
2. Liza Wang
3. Sam Mei
4. Ronald Cheng
5. Adam Cheng

Something to keep in mind…

As TVB’s panel of judges have authority to determine the final result, the temporary top 5 lists are not set in stone. The official top 5 for each category will be released short moment before the awards are given. So, if anyone is getting worried and angry about the top 5 lists, keep in mind that there are rooms of adjustments…

My Picks and Predictions

I meant to do a more in-depth analysis of my pick and predictions, but school has taken away my time that I can devote to otherwise. So now racing with the time, I will just give out a simple version of "My Picks and Predictions". Frankly speaking, I am never good as predicting awards...but...I'll just try my luck...

*NOTE: My Picks mean my personal choices if I am the final judge. My Predictions mean what I think TVB is going to do...

Best Actor:
My Pick: Joe Ma
My Prediction: Joe Ma or Bowie Lam

Best Actress:
My Pick: Charmaine Sheh or Myolie Wu (I tell you, from the start of the race, I am torn...b/c both of them are my favorite actresses...)
My Prediction: Charmaine Sheh

Best Supporting Actor:
My Pick: Wayne Lai
My Prediction: Wayne Lai

Best Supporting Actress:
My Pick: Gigi Wong
My Prediction: Gigi Wong or Kiki Sheung

My Favorite Actor Character:
My Pick: Raymond Lam
My Prediction: Bowie Lam or Joe Ma

My Favorite Actress Character:
My Pick: Myolie Wu
My Prediction: Myolie Wu

Most Improved Actor:
My Pick: Kenneth Ma
My Prediction: Kevin Cheng or Steven Ma

Most Improved Actress:
My Pick: Tavia Yeung
My Prediction: Linda Chung

Best Host/Hostess:
My Pick: Liza Wang
My Prediction: Sam Mei or Adam Cheng

Best Series:
My Pick: Forensic Heroes
My Prediction: La Femme Desperado

Best Variety:
My Pick: 15/16
My Prediction: Beautiful Cooking

Most Creative Show:
My Pick: Beautiful Cooking
My Prediction: Beautiful Cooking

Best Outsouce Programme:
My Pick: Inside the Forbidden City (why? b/c out of the entire list, I've only watched this show...)
My Prediction: The Savior of the Soul

Best Promotional Clip:
My Pick: To Grow with Love
My Prediction: To Grow with Love

These are just my views on this year's awards. I think most likely I am going to get all wrong on my prediction except a few...oh well...

Of course I'll update with the official result tomorrow...meanwhile, I'll just stay put and see how everything unwinds...GOOD LUCK TO ALL CONTESTANTS! (of course luck won't matter now...)

m_s =)

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