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December 27, 2007

Posted at 11:59 PM

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! I have originally planned a lot of posts since December 1st, but I never have the time to actually write them. Oh well...

Well, part of the reasons that I never have time to devote to TVB Cafe is because of the effort I spent working on my Boscolie fansite. Some people who know me online probably know that I am a big fan of Boscolie since WOIL I. And of course I am extra excited about the upcoming series "Wars of In-Laws II"!

"Wars of In-Laws II" is going to premiere on TVB Regular Jade Channel and TVB HD Jade Channel on January 1st at 8:30 p.m.. WOIL II will be the first hour-long TV series to be aired on TVB's HD Jade Channel. WOIL II is coming our way really soon.

I know some people are not looking forward to this series, and will even skip it. I understand the reasons too. Some people think that the first one (WOIL I) was overrated. The actings were exaggerations, while the storyline was not good. I must admit that I do not love every part of WOIL I, but this series will always be on my list of favorite TVB series. I have started to be fond of the series since its costume fitting. Not sure why, but I think I have a special bond with this series since its first days of production.

One of the reasons that I like WOIL I is of course because of the couple Bosco and Myolie. And I can't deny that fact. Of course when I found out that TVB will film a sequel to WOIL I using the original cast (Liza, Bosco and Myolie), I was super happy! I have been following all the news of the series since the day they announced the filming of this sequel. And now, my wait is almost over! =)

Here, I just want to advertise the little fansite that I made for WOIL II. I have collected news, pictures, clips, and other information pertaining to this series at here: The War is On: Wars of In-Laws II Fansite. If you are anticipating this series just like me, feel free to visit it! =)

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