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August 30, 2006

Posted at 3:17 PM

I saw something really interesting on the Hong Kong news today morning. The news is related to the “personalized” license plates that will be auctioned in mid-September at Hong Kong. According to the news, Hong Kong government began authorizing “personalized” license plates earlier in April, and now the first batch, about 1000 of them, is done and will be sold to Hong Kong citizens through an auction. Each license plate will start at a $5000 base value.

What is interesting is that one of the license plates has the words “TVB” on it. I guess it must be a devoted TVB fan that provided the idea. So sad that I am not in Hong Kong, or else I might show up on the day of the auction and take possession of the license plate…haha…just kidding, but it will be a great piece to add to any TVB fan’s collection!

And TVB has said they have no intention of bidding the license plate…good for the lucky fan then!

AND new links of the sample MP3s are here. Savefile's upload is still not back yet as far as I know, so I uploaded the files instead to sendspace. Hopefully the downloads will work, if not, do tell me at the taggie.

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