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August 16, 2006

Posted at 10:02 PM

So far as I know, there are four new series to be released/have already released overseas and in Hong Kong recently. Anyone going to watch all of them at the same time? Not me, but here are my views on them…

War and Destiny
Main Cast: Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Sunny Chan, Leila Tong, etc

It was claimed as one of the grand productions, but TVB decided to release it overseas first to test the market. Is TVB learning to be smart after the failure of “Dance of Passion”? But of course I don’t support TVB’s decision. Nevertheless, I am starting on this series now. Just finished one episode so far, not too much happened yet, but got me interested already. I will be looking forward to Sunny’s character development especially.

Face to Fate
Main Cast: Frankie Lam, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Selena Li, etc

Another warehouse series. Honestly, I have been waited so long for this series already, and now finally the rentals have them out. After watching the MV’s of the main theme and sub-theme, I am practically craving for the series! The main theme is sung by Raymond, and it's a really fast song. As for the sub-theme, it is a duet by Frankie and Tavia, which I fall in love with it after just listened to it once! Hope that I can get my hands on the series soon, and hope that it won’t disappoint me…

CIB Files
Main Cast: Bowie Lam, Wong He, Christine Ng, Maggie Siu, etc

Investigation type of series. Frankly speaking, I don’t like the cast too much. However, it will be kind of interesting to see what’s CIB is about. From what I recalled, Kevin works at CIB in “Split Second”, so this series will be a lot more in depth about the actual police department. Whatever the case, I will be waiting this series to air next year on JadeWorld, instead of renting it now.

Phoenix Quartet
Main Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Sammul Chan, etc

This series will be aired on August 28th in Hong Kong. After seeing the trailers from sehseh’s site (thanks to her!), I am now more interested in the series. Seemed that the four generations part is really refreshing. Hope that I can watch it soon, but I highly doubt it.

So what about you? Watching any new series lately? Share your thoughts at the tagboard!

PS: is down all day today. Not sure why, but that means all the downloads for the sample MP3 are down…=(…hope that Savefile will be back soon…or else I’ll have to do something about it…

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